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"BlackPine Branding" by Device Creative Collaborative

Dewey Anderson of BlackPine Development asked Device to create a logo and business card. His development venture works to restore dilapidated properties back to a desirable state. That concept was used in the design of the business card and logo. We created an aesthetic that is reminiscent of early urban development with a crisp new presentation. As if the logo and business card had also been restored from it’s original state.

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"Lettering 2014" by Jennet Liaw

Handlettering to pass the time on lunch breaks. Posted to my instagram @jennetsaitquoi

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"Adamas Regular" by Octavian Belintan

Adamas” was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness. Download the font for free and use it in any way you like, commercial or personal. Selling or distribution is prohibited. Credit is welcomed!

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"Foodcross" by Mousegraphics

We would like to enter the market with our top quality product. We need brand identity design and packaging applications.” The target consumer: Greek and foreign markets. Sophisticated consumers who look for quality products. The design: The market for honey is a rising one and as such already filled with a variety of packaging designs. We needed to realize a brand identity able to convey this product’s specific advantage: it’s pure synthesis. This is Greek honey distinguished for its extremely high concentration of thyme pollen grains (80%). A rare, natural product of an eco-conscious process, meant to be offered in numbered and signed vases. We developed the logo design as a careful pairing of cross-shaped lettering (brand name) and the image of a bee, designed for us by the internationally known illustrator Si Scott. The elongated glass vessel we chose is covered on its upper part and toped by the brand identity elements and relevant information, in a way that allows the synthesis specifics and the collector’s data (number) to be clearly visible even when the top is removed. Black, white and red dominate the packaging design in an alternative reference to a pharmaceutical/cosmetics language.

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"The Juice Shop" by No Entry Design and Ligature Collective

This project is a collaboration between No Entry Design and our friends at Josh Held Design. The Juice Shop Kitchen & Juicery is a new juice space that opened up it’s first location in New York City’s bustling Flat Iron District. Their goal is to provide fresh juices for a more reasonable price than all of the other juice places popping up around the city. More locations will be coming soon.

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"Bay City Logotype" by Neil Secretario

Bay City is a church located in the East Bay area of Northern California that was in need of a logo design as part of their rebranding efforts and new website launch. After initial discussions on the goals and objectives, we decided to redesign the logo from a mark to a typographic logo using custom lettering. The solution was a sturdy and bold brush script that was impactful, yet conveyed friendliness. Following are shots of the drawing and vectorizing process.

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